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Fanfic - Whispers

TITLE: Whispers
FANDOM: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen
SUMMARY: Itou Ryou loves his wife. It's the only thing he's certain of, anymore.
PAIRINGS: Yohji/nurse!Asuka, Aya/Omi, a hinting of Ken/Sena
WARNINGS: Angst, Spoilers for most of Gluhen and bits of the drama CDs

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Just to be clear, this is a Yohji-centric fic with a smattering of the other boys moving throughout. 'Itou Ryou' is just the name Yohji takes after he wakes up in the hospital following the events of Gluhen (as per Side B canon). That's about the only thing this takes from Side B, as I'm still bitter that Omi and Yohji aren't making any appearances beyond brief flashbacks and more importantly, I can't read Japanese and therefore don't feel comfortable writing the characters. Consider this an AU beginning the moment we fade to black on Aya and his friend the NYC mailbox.

This fic was started as an intro to a timeline that popped into my head after I watched Gluhen a second time about two years ago. I wrote a paragraph, set it down, and somehow ended up picking it back up yesterday and the damn thing just sort of wrote itself. It takes place on the same timeline as One More Murder, which is still *ehem* missing its final scene, but this one can stand pretty much on its own so I feel it's all good.

Last but not least, this is for thetwotrees, who put up with me angsting over what the hell I thought I was doing writing Weiss fic again, encouraged me to get the hell on with it already and spot checked when I was done. You win at life, hon. ♥

( Whispers ) <--so very fake cut to ye olde fic journal
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