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Welcome to Rose & Freesia, a community for the pairing Aya/Omi from Weiss Kreuz, and the characters Aya and Omi themselves. :) Fanart, fanfiction, rants, etc are allowed, but there are just a couple of rules for posting them.

{ r u l e s }

~ Fanart; When posting fanart (or any other pictures), please either provide a hyperlink or, if posting it directly into the entry, use an LJ-cut tag. (< lj-cut text="Blah" > Fanart here < /lj-cut >) Please clearly label anything that isn't 'work safe', which means pictures containing any kind of nudity or yaoi/yuri leanings needs to be labeled so no one pulls up something inappropriate in front of their boss.

~Role Play/RPGs; You are allowed to post advertisements for Weiss related RPGs on this community; however, we ask that you do this only in the capacity of seeking out new members. If for whatever reason you've stumbled onto Weiss RP journals for the first time while your enthusiasm is wonderful, we ask that you not spam the community with this discovery as this leads to annoyance for those members who get the same message over and over again because many of us belong to the same communities.

~ Fanfiction; Seeing as Livejournal is a public website and we don't want to offend anyone, we ask that you clearly label your fics ratings-wise, particularly if they're R or NC-17. Also, similar to the fanart rules, if you're posting a fic directly in the entry, please use the LJ-cut tag. Not everyone cares to scroll through the equivalent of 30 pages of fic on their friends list to get to the next entry. ;)

As for format, it would be appreciated if you posted this information along with the fic:

Author's notes:

This is the recommended format, but Rating and Warnings MUST be clearly labeled on all fanfiction. Failure to do so will result in a warning and an opportunity to edit the posting. Failure to add these labels after a warning from the mods within twenty four hours will result in the deletion of your post.

~ Rants; Going to be a little nitpicky about rants here, as we don't want to offend anyone or start a flame war. We're all for self-expression, but please, please go about stating your opinions in a polite way. We're thrilled to hear what your thoughts on Aya/Omi versus another pairing are, but we don't particularly want to read about how "stupid" so-and-so is for liking, say, Aya/Yohji or Ken/Omi for example. Seeing as we're all boy's love fans in this community, I'd like to think we're a little more open-minded and intelligent than to go shooting people down over other pairing preferences. If someone does flame or otherwise harrass a member of this community, said person will be banned from further posting here.

Again, it's appreciated if you use the LJ-cut tag for long rants, and clearly label spoilers, s'il vous plait. ;)

That said, have fun! ^_^

{ m a i n t a i n e r s }

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