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Aya x Omi Fans!!! [16 Jan 2017|10:49pm]

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[14 Oct 2011|06:37pm]

I just wrote recommendations of two of my favorite Aya/Omi fics in wk_fic_finds. I suspect that not everyone in here watches that comm. If you are interested, the recs are here and here.

What are your favorite Aya/Omi fics? :) Maybe there is something you could recommend to me? ^^
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Aya/Omi - Art + Fic: His Name [11 Oct 2011|05:11pm]
Was pointed this way by balljointedomi, since I have something that might be of interest to you folks watching this comm. These two aren't exactly related to one another.

Rating PG-13
Warning Minor nudity and tenderness :)

Title His Name
Rating PG-13
Warning/genre Angst, fluff, H/C I suppose.
Notes Aya and Omi were lovers before Aya found out who Omi really is. The name Takatori has a way of complicating everything. This is set in Kapitel, some time after the whole Hirofumi incident.

(fic + art)
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[09 Oct 2011|09:23pm]

I bring some Aya/Omi love ^^

I translated the boys' dialogue from the Weiss Kreuz Gluhen In Flames Live Drama - HERE

lauand drew a cute Aya/Omi sketch (SFW) for me, it's here
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An Effort to Keep ayaxomi Alive.. [24 Sep 2010|11:05pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

 ..and therefore I am introducing myself as a new member (a very lame attempt to breathe some life into the community, I'm aware of that... ^^"). I'm very pleased to find a community like this! There is simply not enough OmixAya in the world. I hope someone will think of something to keep this comm going :) (Personally, I'm in the middle of writing a ficcie, but as I'm not that good a writer, it might take years upon years to actually finish it....).
Anyways, I'm happy to be a (proud!) member of ayaxomi!


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Cosplay [18 Jun 2008|04:45am]

Hi everyone. I have a 22-picture cosplay shoot for Aya and Omi, a couple of them slashy! I'm Omi, deathcomes4u is Aya. Follow the link to see!

Aya and Omi!
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[31 May 2008|03:47pm]


Omi no Kiken part 37 is now up. (For those still keeping track of the story... Part 35 is up on aff.net as the long awaited lemon.)

<.< This chapter is quite long and resolves a few different things, I hope you enjoy reading it and please R & R. I haven't gotten any feedback on Omi no Kiken since my hiatus minus one or two people who reviewed out of shock that it's back on. XD
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Ficlet: The Only Hope [28 Feb 2008|04:52pm]

Title: The Only Hope
Author: pichi
Rating: PG
Warnings: None
Author's notes: This fic is set just after ep 16 of Kapitel. The cult mission is over, but they haven't gotten their next one yet.

The Only Hope
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...O_o' I updated Omi no Kiken. WAH?! [28 Feb 2008|12:02am]

Omi no Kiken has been UPDATED and added to. As I think it will do something weird... I apologize if this cuts in strangely.

Citrus and Additives apply, oh, and surprise... it's Aya x Omi in pairing.

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New Community! [16 Dec 2007|09:56pm]

New Community Up!


is committed to in-depth Weiss Kreuz fanfic recommendations and discussions as well as helping you with the occasional fic search. There’s not much up right now, but please check us out and join if you have recs (or a search) of your own. Thank you!

x-posted like WHOA, for that I apologize. *dodges rotten tomatoes*
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[03 Nov 2006|03:08pm]

Trinity Blood - 52 - Episodes 1-6 - Screencaps provided by: whiteplums/loveburnt
Weiss Kreuz - 11
Live Action Sailor Moon - 10
Misc. Anime - 5

Examples: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

To My Journal
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[03 Sep 2006|09:28pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi, I'm looking for AyaxOmi doujinshi, someone reccomended "aarinfantasy" and I had a look. But it's not what I'm looking for, I can barely find anything AyaxOmi.


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New WK AMV -- Freude [24 Mar 2006|06:42pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

[posted with permission of admin]

I just finished my most recent Weiss Kreuz AMV, a character study/action video focused on Aya.

Title: Freude
Anime: Weiss Kreuz (TV/OAV/Gluhen/Music Clip Animation)
Music: Joy by VNV Nation (lyrics)
Studio: WTF Productions
Category: Character Profile/Action
Spoilers: Yes

Aya doing what Aya does best, which is chillin', killin', and looking damn good in the process. While the video isn't pairing-centric, there's a little bit of everything in there (including Aya/Omi).

"Freude" is German for "Joy", the name of the song used in this video.

Freude can be downloaded from the Glowing Cross AMV page. Previous WTF Productions Weiss Kreuz AMVs can be downloaded from animemusicvideos.org, Hope Forlorn, and the WTF Productions AMV page.


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Mod Post: Rules update [03 Dec 2005|07:38pm]

[ mood | calm ]

As there was some confusion earlier, the rules for this community have been amended and updated. I urge you all to read over them yet again as they can probably answer any questions you might have without having to worry about spamming your fellow members. Also, when in doubt, please feel free to prod any of the moderators with a question.

Thank you. ^^


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Fic - Breathing Room [20 Nov 2005|04:46am]
[ mood | chipper ]

TITLE: Breathing Room
FANDOM: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen
SUMMARY: Persia's not expecting the call when it comes.
PAIRINGS: Aya/Omi, half-baked allusions to Nagi/Tot
WARNINGS: Yaoi, small spoilers for Gluhen canon, talk of Crashers canon because Knight is funny, light swearing and lime-y fun.
ARCHIVED: Rose & Freesia, & Fallen Icons.
THANKS: To thetwotrees, because she beta read yet again and put up with me asking her to wait up for me to finish it this early in the morning. ♥

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is likely the last prequel fic to Whispers, which bridges the gap between it and One More Murder. Essentially it explains how Aya and Omi's relationship ended up 'on again' by the time Ryou meets up with them.

( Breathing Room ) <--fake cut

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Fanfic - One More Murder [16 Nov 2005|02:14am]
[ mood | chipper ]

TITLE: One More Murder 3/3
FANDOM: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen
SUMMARY: Ken is never prepared for the way the world changes.
PAIRINGS: Ken/Sena, Aya/Omi
WARNINGS: Character death of the canon kind, spoilers for the final confrontation in Gluhen, swearing, depression, a general anger-management theme. Oh yes, and yaoi. (Raise your hand if you weren't expecting that one.)
ARCHIVED: This Time Imperfect, Rose & Freesia, & Fallen Icons.
THANKS: To thetwotrees, for the look see when this scene was finished.

AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is a prequel fic to Whispers, which was left about 2/3 finished until I took a crack at it tonight. I posted the first two parts of this a long while ago, but since it's been over a year I'm just going to post the whole thing again. The new bits are scene 3, in case anyone actually remembers this. ^.~

( One More Murder ) <--yay fake cut

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Fanfic - Whispers [15 Nov 2005|05:21am]
[ mood | creative ]

TITLE: Whispers
FANDOM: Weiss Kreuz Gluhen
SUMMARY: Itou Ryou loves his wife. It's the only thing he's certain of, anymore.
PAIRINGS: Yohji/nurse!Asuka, Aya/Omi, a hinting of Ken/Sena
WARNINGS: Angst, Spoilers for most of Gluhen and bits of the drama CDs
ARCHIVED: http://fallenicons.winter-born.net

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Just to be clear, this is a Yohji-centric fic with a smattering of the other boys moving throughout. 'Itou Ryou' is just the name Yohji takes after he wakes up in the hospital following the events of Gluhen (as per Side B canon). That's about the only thing this takes from Side B, as I'm still bitter that Omi and Yohji aren't making any appearances beyond brief flashbacks and more importantly, I can't read Japanese and therefore don't feel comfortable writing the characters. Consider this an AU beginning the moment we fade to black on Aya and his friend the NYC mailbox.

This fic was started as an intro to a timeline that popped into my head after I watched Gluhen a second time about two years ago. I wrote a paragraph, set it down, and somehow ended up picking it back up yesterday and the damn thing just sort of wrote itself. It takes place on the same timeline as One More Murder, which is still *ehem* missing its final scene, but this one can stand pretty much on its own so I feel it's all good.

Last but not least, this is for thetwotrees, who put up with me angsting over what the hell I thought I was doing writing Weiss fic again, encouraged me to get the hell on with it already and spot checked when I was done. You win at life, hon. ♥

( Whispers ) <--so very fake cut to ye olde fic journal

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FIC: Collide (1/1) [10 Oct 2005|09:33pm]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Title: Collide (1/1)
Series: Weiss Kreuz
Author: Sephy
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Angst; hints at Crashers
Archive: http://fallenicons.winter-born.net

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Weiss boys and am only borrowing them for the purposes of writing something for my honey. ^~ No infringement is intended.

Crossposted: ayaxomi and _tsukiyono_omi_

Thanks: To Amet for betaing and encouraging this.

Author's Notes: I haven't written Weiss Kreuz (Kapital and not Gluhen for once) in a few months but sandinmyshoes requested something Aya and Omi oriented with a bit thrown in about Aya's Crasher's coat for a ficlet meme I put up and I couldn't not write it for her. So this is for Amet whom I dearly love and adore in the hopes it might brighten her day a little.

CollideCollapse )

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[13 Apr 2005|08:23pm]

Hey all, new community added: koneko_no_weiss

Feel free to check it out (still under construction)

To add a little more detail, it's going to be an RP group and will ideally hit the Aya-Omi pairing. Open character selection, I'm debating making it a round-robin thing or elsewise, feel free to stop in... but it's seriously still under works.
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Looking to RP? Want to Join? [26 Mar 2005|10:31pm]

Hi all!

There is currently a running community looking for some members--


We are looking for:

Hidaka Ken
Brad Crawford
any female character from the series you'd like to add in or any villain characters you'd like to volunteer/create.

We're a pretty open community, very small, but yeah... our one hitch is that we are Aya-Omi paired, no other pairing is locked and one-sideds or even multi-pairing is fine, so far we're hinting to Schu/Yoji... but, all things are up in the air. If you want to join just let me know!
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